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  • SATEC Services :

    Power Distribution

    Medium and low voltages for Underground and overhead lines up to 36KV including Operation and Maintenance

  • SATEC Services :

    Power Rent

    Providing different solutions based on customer demands with availability of all capacities starting from 100 KVA and up to 80 MVA

  • SATEC Services :


    Workinf as a main Contractor for STC in field of OSP, FTTx

  • SATEC Services :

    Overhead Lines, OPGW

    Transmission Lines

  • SATEC Services :

    Thrust Boring

    Directional and Horizontal Drilling using different sizes of Ducts

  • SATEC Services :

    Civil Works

    All Civil Works that related to Electrical Medium Voltages Networks, Transmission Lines, Pols, Erection and Excavating different sizes of trenches.

  • SATEC Services :

    Critical Projects

    Experts in Turnkey projects at CRITICAL AREAS or RUSH-period Projects such as HAJJ, Arafat, International Airports, Military Bases, International Borders..etc.


Qualilty Assurance and Quality Control

ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001


More than 20 Years of continues business relation between SATEC and SEC
More than 15 years of sufficient business delivery to STC
10 Years of Nonstop business relation between SATEC and GACA
7 Years of Business relation with MOF
7 Years of Business relation with Royal Commission of Yanbu
Welcome at Satec website

Saudi Arabian Trading & Engineering Company, SATEC ,one of the major contractors for

the Saudi Electricity Company & Saudi Telecom Company STC in KSA SATEC Power

Rent Division can provides independent uninterrupted power from 100KVA up to 80MVA

About Us

SATEC is one of the leading Contractors in the field of Power Distribution and Telecom-OSP services holding a first-class certificate from MOMRA. Through the years SATEC expanded its services to provide power solutions around the kingdom with several Ministries such as MOF, MOI, MOD, MOE, Royal Armed Forces, Saudi Electricity Company, and Saudi Telecom Company, GACA, and Royal Commission of Yanbu;

Vision & Goals

SATEC aspires to become an eligible leading contractor in the electricity and telecommunication field in all regions of the Kingdom and the Gulf area. It also seeks the appraisal of its internal resources and staff. Mission …