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Power Distribution :

- Civil Works related to Electrical & Telecom fields.

- Thrust boring under Pass road Crossing.

- Cable Lying, Splicing & Termination.

- Ground & Pole -Mounted Equipment installation.

- Testing and Commissioning.

OverHead Lines :

- Foundation for Different type of OHTL towers

- Dismantling of existing OHTL towers

- Installation of new Tension Tower.

- Installation of Dead End Tower and Gantry

- Steel Structure for Surge Arrestors and Sealing end

- Construction of D/C OHTL.

- Stringing of ACSR Conductors

- Replacement of Towers

- OHTL Crossing valley area, canal passes and mountain areas.

- Installation of OPGW



-Road cutting and restoration of paved surfaces

-Construction of concrete encased duct banks for road crossing.

-Thrust boring or horizontal directional drilling works.

-Laying of LV/MV cables

-Grounding & bonding of link boxes

-Backfilling including compaction and placement of tiles and warning tapes.

-Jointing & Termination of LV/MV cables.

Electrical Works :

-SATEC is one of the major contractors for SEC maintenance and Emergencies services.

-SATEC is one of the most contractors to install SMART Meters for Saudi Electrical Company in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.

-SATEC is the first awarded Contractor for SEC to installed Digital meters at Jeddah in 2017 accordingly SATEC achieved the biggest volume of digital meter installation.

Turn Key Solutions:

-Electrical Infrastructure Design.

-Turnkey Projects.

-Supply and Installation of all low and medium voltage equipment up to 36 KV such as switchgears, package substations, transformers, synchronization panels .


-Qualified Staff.

-Rush Projects & Critical Location Projects

power Solutions :

-Uninterrupted POWER.

-Multiple Voltages.

-Accessibility & Backdoor Order

-Diversity of sizes

-Availability of all capacities starting from 100 KVA and up to 80 MVA.

-Our Fuel Tanks are approved by Saudi Electricity Company with different measuring volumes starting from 5000 liters to 50,000 liters.

-Operate and Maintenance the services after Installation.

-Available cables in different sizes for either low voltage or medium voltage.

-Supply and install SCADA systems.

-Supervise, control, optimize, data acquisition, and finally, managing both generation and distribution systems.